Stop Abuse Ghana (SAG) is a non-governmental organization established to eradicate all forms of abuse in Ghana through advocacy, promotion of human rights, provision of counselling services for victims, community outreach programmes and working with the media. We are a non-profit social services organization tasked with developing sustainable change and creating a safety net for vulnerable people in Ghana.

It is often said that civilization can be measured against the degree to which the community itself contributes towards the well-being and social development of the community at large (Boyden & Vickers, 2004). In as much as a community’s needs are inevitably greater than the resources available, SAG seeks to act on behalf of the community, caring, protecting and helping all victims of abuse in Ghana. There has been an ever-increasing demand for social services such as education, therapeutic interventions, access to justice, and many more for victims of abuse in Ghana due to poverty, lack of access to justice and ignorance of laws governing abuses in the country.

In the next two-and-a-half years I was in the hospital twice with violence related injuries; was in the psych wards twice for attempting suicide; miscarried in the middle of a beating; gained 165 pounds through misery eating; and I developed a drinking problem. I was cut off from my family and friends; I wasn’t allowed to leave the house or socialize. At church I was there to make an appearance, and then packed up and taken home as soon as service was finished. My life wasn’t a life. There is much more I could say but it is still too soon, too hard.
John Shore